Birthstones For Your Birth Month

Birthstones are associated with certain months. But the ones that we associate with now might not be the ones that were used in ancient times. The names that you will find today in the stones and those used in the ancient times have also changed. At the same time, colors have been introduced. Most people have decided to wear birthstones because they associate them with good luck and also good health. These gemstones were attributed with certain supernatural powers.


Here is a list of the birthstones and their respective month meaning:


  1. Garnet – January


It is regarded as a safety stone. When you want to travel, then it is regarded that the stone will take you safe and protect you from any harm.


  1. Amethyst – February


If you want to strengthen your relationship and have courage to keep it moving on well, this is the stone that will work miracles for you. Initially, it was regarded that it was supposed to be worn by the royalty as a gem. For Greeks in the ancient times, they regarded it as a stone that would protect them against intoxication, thus the name amethyst, which means sober.


  1. Aquamarine – March


It was brought out to cure heart, liver and also stomach ailments. All that you need to do is to drink water that the stone has been soaked in for a certain duration of time. early sailors believed it would protect them against the dangers of the sea too.


  1. Diamond – April


This symbolizes everlasting love but with those that wore it, it meant to give them courage. So, if you need courage to do diverse things that you always feared, then try this stone on you.


  1. Emerald – May


It is a stone that is associated with fertility, love and rebirth. That is why the ancient Romans went as far as dedicating this stone to Venus who was their goddess of love and beauty. But in the modern world, it is believed that the stone signifies patience, wisdom and growth.


  1. Pearl – June


For a long time, it has been taken to be a symbol of purity. The ancient Greeks used it because they had believed that the pearls were tears of joy from Aphrodite who was the goddess of love. The tears were through hardened.


  1. Ruby – July


For all those that wore this stone in the ancient times, they believed that it will protect them from any evil. But the modern wearers believe that the red deep color in the stone signifies passion and deep love.


  1. Peridot – August


Symbolizes strength for those that wear it. It has a green color and that is why sometimes it is termed as an evening emerald. At one point in time, people believed that the green peridot crystals that were found in volcanic ashes were tears of their Pele, their volcanic goddess. That is why when it was set in gold, anyone that wore it believed that it would protect him/her from bad nightmares that he/she had while asleep.


  1. Sapphire – September


It once guarded people against any evil and any kind of poisoning. People even believed that if you place a venomous snake in the same vessel made from this stone, the snake will die. It was traditionally a favorite stone used by kings and priest to symbolize wisdom and purity.


  1. Opal – October


It symbolizes faithfulness and confidence. Any necklace that has this opal sets in them are believed to repel any evil from you and also go a step further to protect your eyesight.


  1. Topaz – November


You will find love and affection in this item. If you it, it is believed to give you increased intellect and also strength.


  1. Turquoise – December


This symbolizes a love charm. Most people that have it on believe that they will get a good fortune or success come their way. It will relax the mind and ensure that you are protected from any harm coming your way.


So which is your birthstone, you will find all that above and make a selection of the stone that you want to have on you. Let your beliefs guide you at the same time. Knowing which one your friend’s birthstone can make it easier to come up with gifts for special occasion. However, you can always find a good makeup remover for sensitive skin! It’ll sure be put to good use.